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Zero-interest student loan for the IBF students   With the aim of securing quality and efficient education attainable to all, the Integrated Business Faculty (IBF) in cooperation with its business partner, NLB Tutunska Banka, offers you the opportunity to finance your undergraduate studies with a
Упис во академската 2019/2020   Почитувани, отворен е конкурсот за упис во академската 2019/2020-та година. Условите за упис на Факултетот за бизнис економија се:
The new issue of the Journal of Sustainable Development has been published   Dear visitors, The Integrated Business Faculty has published the new 21st issue of the Journal of Sustainable Development. The latest number of the Journal can be seen at the following link.
IBF and IBI are co-organizers of the First international student conference in Bulgaria   The Integrated Business Faculty (IBF) and the Integrated Business Institute (IBI) are co-organizers of the First International Student Conference "Possibilities and Challenges of Student Mobility", which will take place on October 10, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Презентација на ученичка компанија од страна на СУГС „Владо Тасевски“   Students from SAGS "Vlado Tasevski" visited the Integrated Business Faculty on 15.05.2019 (Wednesday), in order to present their student company "Alter".