Projects and cooperation
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Projects and cooperation

The Integrated Business Faculty since its foundation exercised broad educational and research cooperation with various Universities, Scientific Institutions and development programs from the U.S. and EU. Since its founding in 2006, IBFperformed different types of project activities:

- International exchange of teaching and research staff:

  • Within the framework of the Erasmus program, MBA Todor Milchevski visited the Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland from 4th to 8th March, 2013.
  • In the capacity of visiting professors through the "Fulbright" program Prof. Michele O'Neill (2007), came to teach at the IBF, and prof.Vesna Stojanova (2008) won a scholarship for a one-year stay at the Idaho University in the capacity of visiting professor and scientific researcher.
  • Prof. Harley Johansen (2008) taught at the IBF within the research project funded by the University of Delaware, US;
  • In the school year 2007-2008 Dr Manfred Buch participated as guest lecturer within the project to develop a national strategy for sustainable development, funded by SIDA Sweden.

- Research projects:

  • Employment policies, Regional project funded by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Skopje, 2011;
  • GTZ-CIM-SBS-IBF - energy efficiency, a project funded by the GTZ, a training is realized for its own staff within the Solar School Dr Uwe Hartman, in the period 2008-2011;
  • Integration of multi-ethnic workforce in transition economies Case Study of Macedonia, 2008-2009 year;
  • Towrds sustainable think-tank, USAID, 2006-2008
  • Zero corruption in the private sector, Norwegian Government and NGO Zero Corruption - Transparency, 2007
  • Entrepreneurial Education-TTT (BSOs & BAs), GFA, EUROPEAID / August-December, 2006
  • Strengthening the capacity of public administration for development of SME sector (ministries, NGOs and organizations) within the project "SME development, EUROPEAID/119711/D/SV/MK, 2005-2006;
  • Partnership for Lifelong Learning, ETF-Torino, September-December, 2005-2006 Entrepreneurial Education in the Western Balkans;
  • Various research projects have been realized through the Foundation for New Education Business Neobiznis and the Institute for Business Economics.
  • Through the department of sustainable development IBF participates in two European programs:
    - COST MP701
    - COSTFA0904

- International seminars, symposiums and study tours. Since its establishment, lecturers from IBF are involved in the research work through several activities:

  • Each year they participate at the summer school of the University of Bologna, in Cervia and Firenze (Italy);
  • Study stays at scientific research institute ICTP-CNR in Naples (Italy), Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and University of Wroclaw (Poland);
  • Invited lectures and poster presentations on international symposiums and workshops among in Salerno (Italy), Valencia (Spain), at Cranfield University (Bedfordshire, United Kingdom), Solzopol (Bulgaria), Technology university of Wroclaw (Poland);
  • Participation at the essay competition organised by the World Bank and its partners the "Green Growth Programme" where our lecturers won the first place (link).

- Agreements on international cooperation with foreign universities:

  • Agreement of cooperation between the Integrated Business Faculty and the University of Idaho-Moscow, USA for exchange of teaching staff and students and joint research activities.
  • One student from the IBF studied one year at the University of Idaho (2008) and one student from the same American University came for a research tour at our faculty.

- Publishing activities:
In the framework of the publishing business IBF issues:

  • Richard Gottschall, State University of New York, Plattsburgh - USA
  • Primoz Pevcin, University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Administration - Slovenia
  • Janis Mazais, Riga Technical University - Latvia
  • Biljana Gjozinska, Integrated Business Faculty - Macedonia
  • Aleksandar Paskalov, AREVA GmbH - Germany