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List of companies for internship

Integrated Business Faculty (IBF) also provides internship to students which will contribute to the application and enrichment of the overall theoretical knowledge gained during the studies at IBF. Hence, IBF has established collaboration with several prominent institutions and companies in the country, some of which are listed below, and where our students successfully implement their internship.

  • “Integrated Business Faculty”-Skopje
  • Savings Moznosti - Skopje
  • Stopanska Banka AD Skopje
  • Tutunska Banka AD Skopje
  • Komericjalna Banka AD Skopje
  • EVN Makedonija
  • Neokom AD Skopje
  • Alkaloid AD Skopje
  • FULM Saving House
  • Makstil AD Skopje
  • Komercijalna Banka – Branch Gevgelija
  • Ministries (for economy, local self-governance, environment)
  • Different units of the Ministry of local self-governance


Upon request, students can do their internship in various civil society associations, small and medium enterprises, etc.
In this context, internship is performed at FBE, where students actively participate in the preparation and implementation of our research and application projects, thus acquiring more experience in the field of scientific research work.