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Erasmus Policy Statement


Internationalization is one of the main goals of our institution. This implies finding more international partners with whom we will sign agreements and develop cooperation at different levels – students’ and staff mobility, as well as cooperation on research and other projects.

We are making efforts to extend cooperation with other institutions from Erasmus+ programme countries.

We choose our Erasmus partners for mobility according to the following criteria:

  1. The institution need to have valid Erasmus Charter;

  2. Compatibility of the curricula with the curricula at FBE.

In addition, preferences of the students when searching for a partner are being evaluated. We welcome students’ suggestions according to their preferences and will try to establish cooperation with the institutions they suggest, conditional that they comply with the two basic criteria stated above.

Students’ and staff’s mobility is highly evaluated at our institution. We believe that it has high personal value for the individuals that go on mobility as well as high value for our institution.

The same applies to cooperation in international research projects. We are particularly interested at extending our cooperation with Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) from the EU, as well as from other programme countries.

The Erasmus+ Charter is a doorway to many funding opportunities by the European Commission that will be consistent with our goal for further modernization and internationalization of the education and research processes at FBE:

  1. Students obtain skills and knowledge that add to their innovativeness and prepare them for life and work;

  2. Staff that participates mobility becomes familiar with different and innovative teaching techniques;

  3. Our institution can apply for different projects and establish long-term cooperation with institutions form programme countries.

A priority of our institution is providing education compliant with needs of the business and public sector. Our success in that respect can be seen from the fact that 70% of our students find job immediately after finishing bachelor studies. We believe that the Erasmus program will add to creating more efficient education and research process, and even increase the number of students that find employment immediately after finishing the studies.

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