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Студентски глас: Официјален студентски весник на ФБЕ


Факултетот за Бизнис економија со големо задоволство Ви го презентира првиот број на весникот „Студентски глас“, кој е изработен во соработка со нашите студенти. Се надеваме дека ќе дознаете голем број на интересни и корисни информации за бизнисот и образованието.  

ФБЕ домаќин на тркалезна маса посветена на енергетската ефикасност


Фондација Ново Образование за Бизнис на 19 декември (четврток) во просториите на Факултетот за Бизнис Економија организираше тркалезна маса посветена на енергетската ефикасност во општините.

Professors from the Wroclaw University of Economics delivered lectures at IBF


The Integrated Business Faculty hosted prof. Andrzej Raszkowski, PhD and prof. Andrzej Sztando, PhD as guest lecturers from the Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland.

Exchange programs


Enroll at IBF and gain opportunity to win ERASMUS scholarship for student mobility in Europe. 

IBF in the top three private higher education institutions in Macedonia

According to the ranking of higher education institutions in R. Macedonia, carried out by the Shanghai Centre for Classification of World Universities and published by the Ministry of Education and Science of R. Macedonia, IBF is on the top of the list.

Innovact Campus Awards

If you are a student with a creative and innovative idea for a business project, you can, with a team or individually, take part in the 10th edition of the Innovact Campus Award. The aim of this European competition is to reward new and challenging projects. Your project can either be in its design stage, in progress or already launched. More information you can get on the following link

Student initiatives for South-East Europe in 2012

On the web page of  Mladi Info-Your Link to Free Еducation, IBF students can get more information regarding calls for project proposals from students. 

Internships and scholarships


One of the most important aims of Integrated Business Faculty is to deepen and widen the theoretically gained knowledge of our students by introducing practical work at different companies.

Аccording to article 99 of Law for High education and Regulations for organizing of practical teaching for students, it is obligatory for students to attend practical teaching, which shouldn’t be shorter than 30 days as one of the conditions for enrolling in next academic year. 
Before the beginning of the internship each student should inform MSc Biljana Nacarova, the IBF responsible person for this issue, and get the documents necessary for realization of the internship.


According to the policy of "Integrated Business Faculty" special attention and incentives is given to advanced students. Besides research and interactive content and activities for each subject from the curriculum, which in turn provide a greater number of points or higher grades, this category of students has financial incentives in the form of full or partial scholarships.

In order to stimulate a greater commitment, but also to motivate other students to follow the example of the best, the teaching council awards scholarships based on student’s success for the following academic year.

During its six years of operation, IBF has approved more full or partial scholarships to top students.

Internship program

"The Integrated Business Faculty"-IBF provides to its students from all academic years to have an internship in various enterprises, institutions and NGOs, upon selection by the student and recommendation of the faculty for a period of one month (internship) with no financial compensation.

The main goal is to help students to gain practical work experience during their studies and engage in the daily operations of the company as an added value (additional assistance in implementing the activities of different areas).Throughout the program, students will be assigned to a specific area and their activities and their work plan will be linked to the daily operations of the area.

For each intern an individual program will be prepared for the entire period that will include objectives in terms of things that need to be learnt. Well-designed and documented learning objectives that provide clear direction and defined goals for the intern.

The student should have two mentors, one from the Faculty, and one from the company. Individual goals and work plan must be aproved by the two mentors, and the evaluation for information purposes, should be submitted to the mentor from the Faculty.

The mentor from the company is expected to provide guidance to internes in respect to their activities and ensure that they comply with the work plan.

The recruitment of interns is based on voluntary work, they are not employees of the company and the rights and obligations are regulated in the contract between the faculty, trainees and company.

Students should meet certain basic requirements and possess certain essential characteristics which are defined as common characteristics for all employees of a given firm:


  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • Advanced computer skills
  • GPA 8 or above ("C")
  • Other relevant diplomas and certificates for special achievements or work on projects (optional)


  • Success orientation
  • Team orientation
  • customer orientation
  • Self-motivation
  • Self-discipline and rigor
  • Taking responsibility

The student who will intern at a selected company:

  • will be given a mentor in accordance with the criteria for practical training of students;
  • Before starting work, he/she will be introduced to the regulations on occupational safety and health hazards associated with his work and will be provided with the appropriate protective equipment;
  • Will be given practical training that corresponds to the framework program of the higher education institution;


The student / intern is required to keep a diary which will be signed by a designated mentor.

List of companies for internship

Integrated Business Faculty (IBF) also provides internship to students which will contribute to the application and enrichment of the overall theoretical knowledge gained during the studies at IBF. Hence, IBF has established collaboration with several prominent institutions and companies in the country, some of which are listed below, and where our students successfully implement their internship.

  • “Integrated Business Faculty”-Skopje
  • Savings Moznosti - Skopje
  • Stopanska Banka AD Skopje
  • Tutunska Banka AD Skopje
  • Komericjalna Banka AD Skopje
  • EVN Makedonija
  • Neokom AD Skopje
  • Alkaloid AD Skopje
  • FULM Saving House
  • Makstil AD Skopje
  • Komercijalna Banka – Branch Gevgelija
  • Ministries (for economy, local self-governance, environment)
  • Different units of the Ministry of local self-governance


Upon request, students can do their internship in various civil society associations, small and medium enterprises, etc.
In this context, internship is performed at FBE, where students actively participate in the preparation and implementation of our research and application projects, thus acquiring more experience in the field of scientific research work.

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